Wyoming Hunting Outfitters

Elk Hunts

Guided Archery and Rifle hunts in our wall tent camp, General Area 56.  7 days, all activities are done on horseback.  We also offer late-season, guided lodge hunts in Areas 55 and 56. 

Sheep Hunts

Guided 1-on-1, 10-day horseback hunts.  We have a wall-tent camp in Area 3, or we can hunt out of a spike camp in Areas 1-5.  Hunting is spot and stalk. 

Moose Hunts

Guided 1-on-1 horseback hunts in the wall tent camp.  Area 11.  7 days with option to stay longer for a daily fee.

Deer Hunts

Guided lodge hunt in Hunt Areas 110 and 111, Region F.  5 days of hunting on horseback in the Shoshone National Forest.

All Hunts are Fair Chase

We hunt in rugged country.  It is important to prepare for your hunt by being in good physical condition for riding and hiking.

Antelope Hunts

Guided lodge hunts in Areas 78 + 81.  3 days of hunting on BLM lands.

Hunting in Our Wall Tent Camp

Wilderness Wall Tent Hunting Camp- Elk Fork Outfitters

General Information

The camp is a 3 1/2 hour ride into the Washakie Wilderness to the Cabin Creek drainage.  You will stay in wall tents supplied with a wood stove, cots, sleeping pads, a table and a lantern.  There is also a cook tent where meals are prepared, a dining tent for eating and socializing, a tack tent near corrals for storage of saddles and pack equipment, and wall tents for the crew.  The camp will not have more than 6 hunters at one time.

The First Day

We will leave from the Elk Fork Trailhead in the Shoshone National Forest.  Upon arrival, you will be fitted to a saddle on a horse or mule appropriate for your ability and given a sack lunch and a water bottle for the ride into camp.  We will pack all the gear, food and personal items needed on the pack horses and mules.  When we get to camp, the afternoon is set aside for you to get unpacked and settled in your tent and get acquainted with the camp surroundings. 

The Hunt

Each hunting day will begin early with a home-cooked breakfast.  Guides and wranglers will feed, brush, and saddle the livestock being used that day so after breakfast everyone is ready to leave in the dark.  We often will have an hour ride in the dark to get into a hunting area.  A sack lunch is provided for the day.  Guides will take a pack animal for any additional gear needed.  We do not ride horses with backpacks on.  Your horse will be supplied with saddle bags for personal gear, lunch and water bottles.  

The daylight hours are spent with guides glassing for animals, covering as much country as necessary.  If you are archery hunting for elk, the guides will be setting up to bugle and cow call. If you are rifle hunting, there will be more spot and stalk type hunting.  Only ethical shots will be made.  We do not practice long-distance shooting.

It is normal to rest during the middle of the day.  As much as possible, we try not to disturb the animals from their natural patterns.  Most hunting will be at dawn and dusk, when the animals are already on the move. 

When the hunting day is done we ride back to camp, often in the dark.  The guides and wranglers unsaddle and tend to livestock while you put gear away and then everyone meets in the dining tent for appetizers, dinner and dessert.  Sleep and repeat.  

All animals harvested will be caped off the nose for your taxidermy requests:  shoulder mount, European mount, etc.  Guides will then quarter the animal as cleanly as possible, place quarters in game bags, and pack the meat, cape and horns on pack mules/horses.  When back at camp, all is hung in the air from a meat pole.  If the weather is too warm, a wrangler/packer will do a meat run and deliver to our local butcher so meat doesn't spoil.  

The Last Day

The last day is for packing all the gear and harvests and riding back to the trailhead.  

Apply for your license

If you are not a Wyoming resident, hunting licenses for Elk, Deer, Antelope and Bighorn Sheep are purchased through a lottery system from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.  Visit the Game and Fish website to apply for your hunting license.  Remember, you need to apply for your elk license by January 31st, your sheep license by March 2nd, and your antelope and deer licenses by June 1st of the year you want to hunt.  If you have questions, give us a call!