Wyoming horses in a Wyoming hunting camp- Elk Fork Outfitters

"My grandson and I dreamed for years of taking a horse pack trip.  Our dream came true, and better then we could have ever imagined.  Seth and Alden were the perfect guides, starting from beginning to end.  The only bummer was it had to end!  Seth and Alden are patient, informative and safe.  Our trip was adventuresome, fun and cozy all wrapped up with great food from dawn til dusk.  I crave to go on another pack trip with them again."  ~Coletta K. from Wyoming

Delicious backcountry cooking- Elk Fork Outfitters

"I have been fortunate to be in many hunting, fishing and wilderness camps.  All have strengths and at least one very obvious weakness that sometimes overshadows any success.  My recent trip with Elk Fork Outfitters is the exception.  The accommodations- wall tents with cots and stoves- were comfortable and in great shape.  Corrals and equipment tents were ample.  Seth and Alden own all of their stock and tack.  They know their animals and take great care and pride in them.  We found ample opportunities to fish in a spectacular environment.  Honestly, magic happens in their cook tent.  Meals were creative, bountiful, beautiful and delicious.  If you want a true Western experience, chasing bulls, cutthroats, or the perfect family vacation, reach out to Elk Fork Outfitters.  These folks are the real deal and will bust their butts to make it good."  ~Dane S. from North Carolina

Horseback riding in Wyoming- Elk Fork Outfitters

" For what ever type of trip you choose, Elk Fork Outfitters are the best in the business. Seth and Alden are incredible hosts and will guarantee you have a wonderful trip whether it be hunting, fishing or a pack trip. They bring an immense amount of experience and skill to the table that few can surpass. Their camp is top notch and the food is better than you would eat at home. The Elk Fork and surrounding areas are an absolutely stunning section of the Shoshone National Forest and you are missing out if you don’t let them show you what it has to offer. One thing that specifically sets them apart from others is their connection to the customer. You are going on a trip with your outfitter, not just the guides they have chosen. That can make a big difference in the success and enjoyment of your trip."  ~Ben B. from Connecticut

Seth and Alden are funny, nice and great people that always cared what we thought and always made it

"Seth and Alden are funny, nice and great people that always cared what we thought and always made it the best." ~Alyssa T. (age 12), from Ohio


 "We took a chance on Elk Fork Outfitters, and we found a gem! This was such an amazing experience. The horses were healthy, vibrant and great for riding. They took excellent care of these horses.  Two guides joined our group of four; one at the head, one at the tail and both of them made sure we were always safe. The trail we took had amazing views! They were incredible and we got to see many beautiful things along the way. Can't wait to use this company again on our next visit!" ~ Christina G. from Nevada 


 "If you're planning on visiting the Yellowstone area and want to avoid long lines, paved roads, and crowded traffic then consider seeing the country as it truly was and still is today by going on a backcountry pleasure ride. Or if you've always dreamed of hunting in Northwest Wyoming then there's none I can recommend more highly! Seth and Alden are two of the most down to earth, knowledgeable, and capable hands you could ask for. With opportunities to fish, hunt, or just relax in one of the most pristine areas left in the country you won't be disappointed. You'll find no better company to do it with than the good nature, good humor, and finest cooking that is found at Elk Fork Outfitters! "  ~Matt E. from South Dakota